meet our team

Rose Sapiashvili

Rose Sapiashvili is the owner of BambooMoves Englewood and a BambooMoves 200 hour E-RYT. Rose originally found yoga while seeking a balance to high-intensity training and fell in love at first “om.” A dedicated practitioner ever since, she went on to complete her teacher training through BambooMoves in 2015. Blending her love of movement and music, expect a carefully sequenced flow set to an eclectic playlist. Her classes focus on building strength and developing flexibility, in both body and mind, guiding students to connect more deeply with themselves through the practice. When not in the studio, she is a devoted mama to two little ones at home. Inspired by all the wonderful teachers and students at Bamboo, she is forever grateful for the community here.

Erin Loscalzo

Erin Loscalzo is a BambooMoves 500 hour E-RYT. Erin has been a dancer all of her life, traveling 49 out of 50 states in the country as a professional dancer. She holds a B.A. in Musical Theatre with a double minor in Psychology and Dance. Erin was introduced to yoga many times throughout her dance training, but it wasn’t until she found BambooMoves that she truly understood the meaning of yoga. Erin has always been interested in holistic healing and used yoga as a form of therapy for herself. As she is grateful for being present in the moment, her energy reflects that of her students as they journey to find their true happiness together. Her students should never expect the same class twice! Through her dance training and open heart, you will be led through a class to combine one body, one mind, and one spirit. Erin asks that you leave all cares and worries outside so that you can open your heart and mind to the beauty of yoga.

Patti Lewis

Patti Lewis is a 500 hour E-RYT trained through BambooMoves and hOMe Yoga. Patti began her journey taking yoga as a senior in high school and she became a group fitness instructor during college. Although there were detours allowing for growth as an artist, art therapist, and dancer, she found her way back to her yoga practice after the birth of her children. Patti has studied Bikram, Vinyasa, and Hatha Raja yoga. All of her teachers have found form in her teaching style. Patti’s experience as an artist and her love of dance shows in the imagery, strength, and flow of her class. She continues to add to her training through workshops and intensives. Moving from a place rooted in the philosophy of yoga, the poses carry not only form but focus on transformation inside and out.


Lexus Mahogany

Lexus has been teaching yoga and serving the community since 2021. She specializes in slow-paced vinyasa, sun salutations, cardio yoga, restorative yoga, kids yoga, assisted stretching/massaging and guided meditation. Lexus truly enjoys teaching and pouring into others while providing a safe space to tap into the mind, body, and spirit. All of her classes are beginner friendly and open to everyone with modifications included.

Jodi Levenson

Jodi Levenson is a Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT and has been a practicing speech therapist for over 25 years. Jodi avidly participated in yoga, dance and sports back in college, but it was yoga that gave her a blissful feeling from the very first class. After taking a 10-year hiatus to raise her 3 beautiful children, she came back to her yoga practice and decided to become a certified yoga teacher. She has practiced many styles of yoga but has a special love for the movement of Vinyasa and enjoys sharing it with others. For Jodi, yoga is an unending journey that teaches her more about herself each and every day. She hopes to bring this opportunity to her students with a vigorous, challenging and joyful approach. Jodi teaches her students to build strength, endurance and flexibility by pairing breath with organic movement and unique choreography.


Jill Schwalbe

Jill Schwalbe is a Yoga Alliance certified 500 hour E-RYT. Yoga is Jill’s passion! Her teaching is purposeful- drawing on anatomy and kinesiology to create intelligent sequences and give each class clear and deliberate direction. Her goal is for every student to walk out feeling balanced, fulfilled and trusting in the ability to transform their practice when discipline and focus are applied. Her classes teach the power of precision, alignment, and breath awareness, inspired by the same meticulous approach she used in her career as a CPA. Her other passions are her family, music, and continuing to explore and expand upon her own practice. All of the teachers who have shaped Jill’s yogic path have her deepest gratitude and respect, including Zhenja LaRosa, who first lit her up about the workings of the human body, and Jill’s current mentor Magi Pierce, whose sharp intellect consistently challenges her to dig deeper into her own studies and teaching.

Jordan Matthews

Jordan’s journey into yoga began in 2014, sparked by a baseball injury that led him to discover the healing power of the practice. Initially drawn to hot yoga for recovery, Jordan’s exploration expanded to include meditation and Tai Chi, becoming an integral part of his holistic approach to well-being. A graduate of YogaRenew’s 200-hour Hatha and Vinyasa teacher training, Jordan further expanded his knowledge with certifications in Yin Yoga and Sound Healing. Unveiling the deeper dimensions of yoga, Jordan aspires to guide students in feeling more attuned to their bodies, cultivating mental tranquility, and embracing breath awareness in their daily lives.

Wonjung Kim

Wonjung Kim is a 500 hour E-RYT and an award-winning singer who has performed in major concert venues throughout the world. She received her Advanced Certificate at Juilliard and her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Stony Brook University. Ever a student  of breathing and relaxation techniques as they pertain to vocal training, the discipline of yoga was a natural extension of these interests, and she completed the BambooMoves Advanced Practitioner Training  immersion specializing in Hatha Raja Vinyasa in October of 2016.

Dena Isles

Dena completed her 200 hour yoga training with BambooMoves in 2011. Inspired by her lifelong path in the arts as a dancer and dance educator, Dena embraces asana practice as a moving meditation that unites power, alignment, grace, honesty and fluidity. As a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and Director of Arts-in-Special Education Programs, Dena is motivated to support others in exploring self identity, passion, and potential. Much of her experience is with individuals with significant disabilities, harnessing the power of movement, arts, and yoga to express and magnify the true self. Dena values every opportunity to explore individual strength, discovery, and compassion on the yoga mat and welcomes chances to translate this process to daily interactions with our world.

Marcy Kahn

Marcy Kahn is a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour E-RYT since 2007. She has additional certifications in prenatal, children’s, and chair yoga as well as Reiki Levels 1 and 2. Marcy was inspired by her love of dance and movement at the age of three when her parents noticed she couldn’t stop moving when the music went on. She received her BFA in Musical Theatre from Syracuse University. Yoga became her passion and joy and she hopes to share this with all of her students. Each class is taught with mindful movement with the breath, self-awareness and LOVE. Her desire is that each student is able to take what they create on their mat out into world, giving them the ability to cope with whatever life brings.

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Jaina Lumkong

Yoga has been an integral part of Jaina’s life for the last 13 years, beginning as a supplement to competitive swimming and growing into a lifestyle practice. With 8 years of teaching experience, including Vinyasa, Restorative and Prenatal yoga, she is passionate to continue sharing this practice in a way that is accessible to everyone. Jaina finds joy in curating playlists and crafting creative sequences, mindful movement, and finding a loving connection to our minds and bodies. Join her for our Rise and Shine Vinyasa Flow to start your day together with warmth and intention!

Alexis L. Owusu

Alexis L. Owusu is a dance educator that has been engaged in movement since the young age of 10 and has been dancing for over 25 years. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Interdisciplinary Arts for Children. During her studies she was blessed with the opportunity to travel to the continent of Africa to further her dance experience. She obtained her certification in Belly Dance instruction through BambooMoves in 2012 and has since curated a dance style which fuses her expertise in traditional Ghanaian dance, Belly Dance and Afro-Beat to introduce her signature movement style “Afro-Belly.”