Below you will find pricing information for BambooMoves services.

BambooMoves customized services are available at the privacy of your home, or on-site at one of our yoga studios.  Refine your yoga practice by taking advantage of our specialized services.

Private Yoga Instruction

If you’re beginning your yoga practice or wish to deepen and refine your practice, consider private sessions.  Receive personal guidance  tailored to the needs of your own body.   Available in home and in studio.


60 Minute
Private Session
Single  $100 – $150
5 Pack  $450 – $550
10 Pack  $850 – $900

Energy Healing

A technique for restoring, circulating and balancing your natural life-force energy. It is a method for improving your sense of well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  Simply performed, direct applications of qi (energy) are administered as well as massage techniques enabling greater energy flow and healing to occur.

60 Minute
Private Sessions
Single  $85-100
10 pack


Hypnosis is perhaps the most effective self-improvement method known producing results far beyond what most people are able to achieve by willpower alone.  Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all rooted in our subconscious programming.  Under hypnosis, the mind is accessible to reprogramming new patterns.  The result is that change can take place quickly and automatically.  The bonus is deep relaxation and a prolonged state of inner tranquility.

John Mongiovi is one of 21 practitioners in the United States who has been licensed as a Hypnotist by examination of a state medical licensing committee, and is a Certified Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  He has been in the full time practice of clinical hypnosis for over ten years, and has been an advisor to thousands worldwide.

John can help you gain the mental edge and use the power of thought to help in many areas, specially with:

Habits and compulsions    Smoking    Weight loss
Worry and preoccupation    Self-esteem & confidence    Public speaking
Fears & anxieties    Sleeplessness    Performances & auditions
Energy and motivation    Learning & study skills    Loss & disappointment
Interviews, presentations, sales    Athletic enhancement    Focus & concentration


2 Hour Private Sessions
Initial session $170
Follow up session $150


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