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Kids Who Practice Yoga:

Build strength and flexibility

Increase concentration and focus

Develop confidence and self-esteem

Create a sense of well being

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Kids Yoga FAQs

Is yoga safe for kids?

Absolutely. Yoga teaches children how to channel their energy in a positive, mindful, and creative manner. They build strength, increase flexibility, and develop awareness, and concentration. Yoga for kids also helps create a positive self image and nurtures their inner moral compass.

Through storytelling the poses take them on an adventure to the Self where they play, dance, sing, and mimic nature. Each class concludes with relaxation and a short meditation leaving kids feeling calm, centered, and balanced.

At what age can kids start practicing yoga?

Kids can start as early as a few months with mama and baby classes. There are also toddler yoga classes with ages 2-5. Most kids yoga classes will average between ages 5-9.

Do you have classes just for teens?

Yes we do (pre-teens are also welcome). With school, friends, and family stresses today, it is so important for teens to engage in activities that take care of their mind and soul. Teen Yoga with Nicole Henry is a fun and relaxing type of heart and soul yoga that combines hand movements, music, and breathing techniques. Teens love it because it helps them feel less stress and anxiety and they get to feel real peace within themselves.

What is pranayama?

“Prana” refers to the universal life force and “ayama” means to lengthen or regulate. Pranayama is the control of prana through the breath. These breathing exercises remove toxins and stagnant energy from the body and mind. They have the ability to reduce stress, increase energy, improve mental clarity, and enhance our physical health.

Pranayama moves our vital life force throughout the body through tiny tubelike channels known as the nadi’s. When these nadi’s or energetic pathways are obstructed it has a direct affect on our state of mind. When “prana” our vital life force can flow freely the mind is calm, positive, and clear.

When the flow of prana is weak or broken we experience tension, conflict, and other negative emotions such as fear and worry. Pranayama brings harmony and balance between our body, mind, and spirit, leaving us physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger.

Is yoga religious?

No yoga is not a religion. Yoga is the science of the Self, a healing art, and a spiritual practice. Yoga unites the body, mind, and spirit through movement, breath work, meditation, and relaxation.

This ancient practice increases our awareness and unearths our interconnectedness with nature, our higher self, and the oneness in all beings. The meaning and experience of “spirit” is unique to each individual as Yoga strengthens our relationship to our own personal version of God or higher state of consciousness.